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Our System

Mr Cinema offers two hardware solutions to watch the latest content. A solo solution and a multi room solution. The solo solution is limited to 15 early release HD movies and runs on a local non integratable player. The central solution is based on a client-server setup that allows up to 100 movies and 80 TV show episodes. The client app can be downloaded for both AppleTV as Android TV allowing integration to your onboard controll system or controlls using the orriginal remote.

Mr Cinema runs on a special developed Android-TV and Apple-TV application that uses the latest DRM security standards. The app connects to onboard Mr Cinema Media Server that hosts a secure storage and key server. New film content is delivered monthly via a secure cloud delivery service and is activated by the client to prevent undesirable data usage.

To ensure 4K playback and to meet L1 security requirements an Nvidia Shield TV Pro or AppleTV 4K is used as room player. The Mr Cinema app automatically connects to the onboard Mr Cinema Media Server when launched. Simultaneous playback from multiple clients is supported by the system.

Mr Cinema Demo
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